but number six is an accurate description of my career so far

Fellow Sweet Sixteener Kathy MacMillan has tagged me to play #8TerribleTitles: Open your manuscript, scroll for a bit without looking and stop. Pull out whatever phrase your cursor is on. Do this 8 times and then share your list. Here is mine: 1. I Didn't Think

2. A Slow Student's Progress

3. House Splattered With Blood

4. Didn't Bleed For Long

5. Vague and Ill-Defined Rules

6. Another Stupid Monster

7. I Want to Buy You a Drink

8. The Shelter From the Storm Bullshit

Let's be real here: #3 is something I would actually write. And I wouldn't even be sorry. Don't be surprised if that's my next novel.

I hereby tag: Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Marisa Reichardt, and Erin Schneider.