WorldCon writing & submitting panel

My second panel is now on the draft schedule for WorldCon 75, and this one is about when it's time to stop fussing over your stories and get them out into the world. And, honestly, don't come to this one to hear me talk--come to this one to hear the wisdom of the other amazing panelists!

Thursday, August 10 at 12:00

Messukeskus 101d

Just Send It!: When to Stop Rewriting and Just Get Your Work Out There

Ken LiuKali WallaceEllen DatlowKatri Alatalo

The plot works, the character interactions and dialogue flow well but, there's just "one or two more things" you need to fix. This way lies madness. Edits and rewrites are part of the writing process but at some point you need to stop polishing your work and submit it. Our panelists offer advice on figuring out where that point is and getting enough confidence in your work to submit it.