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Kali Wallace studied geology and earned a PhD in geophysics before she realized she enjoyed inventing imaginary worlds more than she liked researching the real one. She is the author of the dark fantastical young adult novels Shallow Graves and The Memory Trees, and the upcoming middle grade fantasy novel City of Islands. Her short fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, F&SF, Asimov's,, and other speculative fiction magazines. After spending most of her life in Colorado, she now lives in southern California.



For most of her life Kali Wallace was going to be a scientist when she grew up. She studied geology in college, partly because she could get course credit for hiking and camping, and eventually earned a PhD in geophysics researching earthquakes in India and the Himalayas. Only after she had her shiny new doctorate in hand did she admit that she loved inventing imaginary worlds as much as she liked exploring the real one. She is the author of the fantastical dark young adults novels Shallow Graves and The Memory Trees, and her short fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, F&SF, Asimov's, Lightspeed, and She was born in Colorado and spent most of her life there, but now lives in southern California.

 Author photo may be used for promotional purposes. Please credit photo to Jessica Hilt

Author photo may be used for promotional purposes. Please credit photo to Jessica Hilt

About The Memory Trees

Sixteen-year-old Sorrow Lovegood returns to her mother's apple orchard in the mountains of southern Vermont after eight years away. When she was a child, her sister, Patience, died in a mysterious fire on their land, and Sorrow wants to uncover the truth of what happened that tragic night. What she learns in the mysteriously magical orchard is a tangled web of secrets, violence, betrayal, and murder buried in her family history, much of it borne of a centuries-old feud with the neighboring Abrams family and the fierce ways the Lovegood women have defended their independence through generations. The Memory Trees is a darkly magical novel about a troubling family legacy, the bonds of sisterhood, and the strange and powerful ways we are shaped by the places we call home.


Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins

Genre: YA magical realism

Page count: 432

On sale: October 10, 2017

ISBN: 9780062366238

ISBN 10: 0062366238

Available in hardcover, ebook, and audio formats.



"Sorrow’s quietly fierce determination to break through the family’s silent secrets exposes the grievances that tie the families together as much as they hold them apart. The novel is Sorrow’s story of loss, the story of a family feud, and occasionally an exposé on how small-town traditions perhaps unwittingly encourage a bubbling animosity to continue for generations. An absorbing, lyrically drawn mystery, examination of grief, and cautionary tale." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"No one writes creepy, beautiful stories like Wallace does—she expertly weaves love, loss, compassion, and murder in a way that will both move you to tears and have you sleeping with the lights on. The Memory Trees will keep you guessing until the very end." -- Adriana Mather, New York Times bestselling author of How to Hang a Witch

"A gorgeously crafted, sumptuously layered novel that masterfully peels back the layers of love, loss and endurance harnessed by twelve generations of brave, magical Lovegood women. The Memory Trees is a stunning powerhouse of a book. It is timeless. It is beautiful. It is a gift." -- Shannon M. Parker, author of The Rattled Bones

"There is a lot to unpack here, from the tenderness and toxicity that can simultaneously exist in families, to the rippling effect of mental illness, to history’s ability to bring guilt to a faultless generation, and to the search for a solid identity among all those jagged pieces. The orchard’s role in uncovering the truth behind her sister’s death adds a hint of magical realism and mystique, as do the interspersed chapters narrated by Sorrow’s ancestors that allude to but never confirm the orchard’s magical properties." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (starred review)

About Shallow Graves

Seventeen-year-old Breezy Lin wakes up in a shallow grave one year after her death with the ability to sense who around her is hiding a murderous past. She sets out to discover what is to become of her in the gritty, dangerous world of magic and monsters to which she now belongs—where killers hide in plain sight and a sinister cult is hunting for creatures like her.


Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books/Harper Collins

Genre: YA horror

Page count: 368

On sale: January 26, 2016

ISBN: 9780062366207

ISBN 10: 0062366203

Available in hardcover, ebook, and audio formats. The paperback will be released on September 5, 2017.


Praise for Shallow Graves

"It’s a fast-paced story with an interesting hook, and a thoughtful look at what it means to be human versus what it means to be a monster. The end result is a superbly crafted debut bound to entrance." – Booklist (starred review)


“Constantly entertaining, intriguing, and suspenseful.” – Kirkus


“Kali Wallace has created a world that's both natural and unsettling …and reminds us with Breezy's story that true terror is not a monster, but what lurks in the dark corners of human nature." – Madeleine Roux, NYT bestselling author of the Asylum series.


"Kali Wallace's Shallow Graves is a stunner. Gripping, gory, and insightful." – Kendare Blake, NYT bestselling author author of Three Dark Crowns 


“A phenomenally written, spine-chilling story, Kali Wallace’s Shallow Graves is sure to keep you up all night.” – Kimberly Derting, author of the Body Finder series


"A fast-paced ride through a dark, imaginative world." – Mindy McGinnis, author of The Female of the Species